Why Do Social Criticism?

Well my friends, at the end of any given day, that’s all that’s left.

Whatever happened or was caused to happen according to meaning was according to some ultimate purpose, otherwise all would merely be random happenstance.

Perhaps like many of you, I would prefer to pretend that ‘reality’ has already been laid down as the pavements of a road and that we are merely passive travelers thereupon.

However, every act and thought of every moment in human existence is an instance of discrimination, i.e., between that which is of benefit or detriment to each of us.

Each of us are doing social criticism each and every moment of our lives (as do all organisms).

Therefore, Social criticism is perhaps the most exigent of all human activities in search of human purpose.

Why then does it appear otherwise?

Perhaps because although discrimination is at the very core of our nature, language-caused contradiction demands that we ‘see’ clothes (a particular linguistic construction of reality which pacifies critical examination), no matter whether the Emperor (of social power) is wearing clothes, or not, if it somehow empowers us as individuals.