US (Uncommon Sense) Tour

Good day my friends.

I am pleases to announce that phase II of my US Tour is under way!

I have traversed through the outback of Nevada through Virginia city as well as the greater Reno area where I visited UNR and donated a couple of books there (the final draft having been completed while residing in the Tahoe, Carson City, Reno area).

After having donated a copy of the book to California State University I now find myself working my way down the coast toward San Diego. Not certain I’ll make it that far but I would like to visit every major University along the coast all the way to Diego.

However I must also make an attempt to visit locations of cultural significance along the way, particularly locations significant in relation to three of the ‘fab four’ of Thrash Metal, i.e., Metallica, Megadeth, & Slayer. Musical acts which where of major influence coming of age in the eighties and Still today.

These musical acts have been a stalwart against a homogenized, commercialized, and basically dumbed-down society of citizen-slaves.

I know not what locations I will traverse in attempting to ‘stitch’ together major Universities and cultural sites, but I intend to get in at least a couple of significant ones.

Feel free to suggest locations to visit in terms of the ‘fab four’. For now I intend to visit the clubs/venues of their first gigs.

In the interim, anyone who catches a glimpse of the Uncommon Sense mobile, respond here for a free hard copy for your own review.

It’s great to be back on the road again. Looking forward to tomorrow’s adventures!




um, so g’day,

today I visited Stanford U.

what an amazing site. The location is ripe with Masonic symbolism and ideology (as are all State controlled universities).

Tommorow I shall attempt to visit UCLA, and Radio City (the first club where Metallica jammed, in Aneheim, CA.

Thought of the day:

Aren’t we primarily concerned with the self over all other entities?

Do we not defer ideological maxims of “equality,” “fairness,” and “good,” to the supernatural and political paradigms in order to placate our guilty consciounse?


Good evening kids. This concludes phase II of my US Tour. It was great to visit many new locations and provide complimentary copies of Uncommon Sense.

I will summarize my impressions of this tour in my next post.