US (Uncommon Sense) Tour

Good Day folks, the US tour is temporarily suspended and will resume shortly…

If you’ve discovered my blog recently it is most likely due to my current US Tour in support of my new book: Uncommon Sense, which I’m launching today!

The Premise of the tour:

After having vested vast amounts of time and effort creating Uncommon Sense, and having intended a blogsite as the epicenter of the book’s manifest purpose, “to give and receive ‘voice’,” I am now experiencing the quandary of attempting to create any semblance of presence therewith, let alone amongst the noise and clamor of a de-massified, indie, special interest, post-modern society!

I could could have easily – long ago – began promoting my book and ideas on social media, however I have resisted that route for very specific reasons which will become manifestly evident for any (uncommon sense) individuals which possess enough open-mindedness, tenacity and daring to even consider what I propose within the pages of the book.

Having spent a great deal of time and effort sitting in front of my computer attempting to “promote” my book through various media channels (thereby becoming ever more alienated from the subject matter thereof), with marginal success at best, I decided my next campaign should be what I’ve always desired to do, hit the road and make one-on-one real life connections – the only realistic option remaining in a post-modern world of distraction and fascination, particularly for a voice from the wilderness, outside the sphere.

Therefore I intend to begin this odyssey in the Western region of the U S attempting to visit locations and institutions which may have connections to sufficiently open-minded audiences as to begin a cursory dialog, i.e., libraries, bookstores, coffee houses, campuses, dives, as well as any local places of interest – which I intend to blog in reference to daily in relation to Uncommon Sense: A Theory of Human Purpose.

So without further adieu let us fasten our collective seatbelt and embark upon this extemporaneous adventure (of meaning) together!