Animal Rights

Recently Domesticated turkeys were released prior to Thanksgiving as a gesture of amnesty. The following is my response…

Utterly ridiculous. While fellow humans suffer starve and die, special interest groups are taking upon themselves the moral task of defining and defending animal “rights” as though no living organism in nature or elsewhere should ever suffer or die, as though it we’re a moral duty to put an end to all animal tevail and survival of the fittest. As though it we’re somehow okay to meddle with nature producing genetically inferior puppies in puppy mills prone to genetic maladies and diseases as long as they appeal to our anthropomorphic Disney fantasies, or mass produce turkeys only for human consumption which struggle under their own body weight and require artificial insemination in order to reproduce. As though allowing such physically deformed and domesticated animals to continue to live out their “happy” lives under such conditions constitutes justice, utterly ridiculous.

In a post modern world of special interest, spectacle, and disconjunction, let us turn a blind eye to social causalities while we blindly participate in them in an endless cycle of utter ridiculousness.


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