Extra Terrestrial Intelligence & Articles of The Emperor’s New Clothes

If we are to believe scientific prognosticators it is not only probable but quite likely that other forms of extraterrestrial intelligence exist elsewhere in the known Universe.

Even if we distrust or reject the scientific method many of us by default believe in some alternate form/s of intelligent alien life, i.e., deities, angels, and demons, etc.

This leaves a vast majority of us who believe in not only extra terrestrial Intelligent beings but extra terrestrial life in general.

The discovery of any extra terrestrial life will be of great significance to Earthlings since it will elucidate much more clearly our own nature as well as our place (purpose) in the Universe.

One of the first if not the singular most question we may have upon the discovery of intelligent life, will most likely be what is it’s/their “end game,” ultimate “business,” or “purpose”?

For all non-symbol using creatures on Earth we might ascertain that it’s/their main “purpose” or “occupation” is merely to survive; whatever non-symbolic (non-meaningful) form of life this may entail exists because it does, and survives.

For meaning-seeking-symbol-using-and-abusing-beings-“rotten with perfection,” mere “survival” is not a “good” enough answer (although it may provide a compelling argument for evolution as the method of creation).

Our uneasiness and uncertainty about our own true nature and place in the Universe (precisely the anxieties which fuel our desire for discovery), will likely bias our evaluations and critiques of any newly discovered intelligent life forms.

We will may judge and evaluate them as though we ourselves are the standard of judgement or “control group” from which to mete out unbiased objectivity. We will most likely do so since our language-bourne hegemonic social structure of power is built upon the precepts of our ultimate authority and truth. It would be unthinkable if not unbearble to discover greater intelligences and or truths superior to Earth’s dominion.

If we now consider the tables turned and an alien (symbol-using) intelligence should discover Earth, they likewise may enjoy similar liberties of “objectivity” in their judgement of Earthlings from their particular perspective.

Assuming an alien intelligence had somewhat dissimilar sets of values and therefore a dissimilar modus operandi in relation to their main purpose or raison d’être, They would be likely be less inclined to critique themselves as objectively as Earthlings, and visa versa.

Similarities and differences between us and them may constitute our initial fascination as whatever those entailed could become as a sort of Rosetta Stone for deciphering the nature of life and the Universe in general.

Until that first contact we may suffice it to say that for symbol-using beings, control over subjectivity (i.e., subjectivity to other things and conditions such as illness, mortality, ignorance, etc) is our ultimate purpose.

We have (as well perhaps as other symbol-using beings) constructed through symbolic meaning a world and reality which firmly places us at the center of our Universe of purpose and meaning even though we continue to pursue knowledge in our quest for control.

Any organizational belief system which supports a status quo of power relationships (regardless of truth or reason) I refer to as Articles of The Emperor’s New Clothes, i.e., any ideas and or beliefs which are symbolically created to preserve a hegemonic and ego-centric hierarchy of power as a function of our individual quest for power over subjectivity.
















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