Message in a bottle

Good day my friends,

I have achieved a major objective of my project encapsulated within the message of Uncommon Sense.

One of my objectives was not dissimilar to placing a message in a bottle ( as per a castaway on a deserted island).

With Uncommon Sense, I have attempted to communicate my most primal thoughts with respect to the most primal motives of humanity.

What I have discovered (in throwing my bottle into the oceans of the human psyche) is that communication is an extremely complex process. That any concept of “giving, and receiving voice” is extremely tenuous indeed.

From an alternative perspective one might assume that after thousands of contacts and campaigns that at least one individual might have an opinion with respect to human purpose.

Instead, what I have discovered (apart from a couple of responses relating to the interests of the responders), is that seemingly no one durst respond to ostensibly one of, if not the most primal of human inquiries.

This is not unlike the concept of the Emperor’s clothes. Either the general public is afraid in engaging in reality apart from that which they have been provided by the interests of the Emperor, or the ego simply will not allow it apart from the status quo.





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