Make Americans Great Again

No -I’ve not digressed into the abyss of common-sense partisan ideology.

Rather, I’ve apprehended a contemporary populist ideological article of significance for the purpose of de-constructing it linguistically.

My contrasting slogan is, Make Americans Great Again.

The term “make” seems to suggest that whatever quality of “America” existed before, can now be reconstituted by a particular political movement as opposed to any other set of circumstances which may cause America to be “great.”

To make “America” as opposed to “Americans” great again seems to emphasize the “greatness” of country in relation to other countries, as opposed to the individual as the source of “greatness.” It places emphasis upon economic and military dominance as opposed to ideological or moral dominance, at the same time mystifying the role of Americans within the paradigm of making “America” great again, i.e., what is the ideological, or better yet lawful meaning of “America”?

The term “great” is as hollow as the term “America” or “change” in that change could be either for better or worse, whereas “great” could mean powerful, mean, and nasty, or egalitarian, erudite, and ethical.

The term, “again” presupposes an historical moment in time when “America” was “great.” The mystification of the term “great” returns to haunt us as we struggle to determine the definition of “greatness.” If we return to the definition – egalitarian, erudite, and ethical – such an epoch may not necessarily coexist with a powerful, mean, and nasty epoch, therefore we know not which epoch of “greatness” to which we are aspiring.

I would suggest that any corporate, military, or commercial construct “America,” is meaningless in the absence of the quality of it’s “citizenry.” For the sake of the citizenry as opposed to any corporate, commercial, or military structure, it is the citizens, or better, individuals themselves which are in need of improvement in as much as they are ignorant of their role as the source of America’s power, i.e., “greatness.”

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