End Game

What is your end game?

For non-symbol using animals it is merely survival.

But what about symbol-using beings?

Perhaps if we borrow from Maslow’s Hierarchy of Motives we can begin to piece it together…

However is our ultimate “end game” merely an empty glass which we fill as full as possible as we attempt to satiate a particular hierarchy of needs?

Or is our “end game” more about motives based upon Maslow’s “needs”?

In the book, I have reworked Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs into a Hierarchy of Motives as follows (beginning from the bottom of the pyramid): Biological (Based upon Maslow’s physiological needs), Control (“ “ “ Security), Consubstantiation (“ “ “ Love & Belonging), Ego (“ “ “ Self-Esteem), and finally Potentiality (“ “ “ Self-Actualization).

When we are born we are primarily driven by physiological needs, later we seek to control our environment/s so as to ensure conditions of predictability and security, still later as symbol-using social animals we seek consubstantiation with others, as social animals we aspire to the highest positive value of self in relation to others (ego), finally we aspire to the highest potential for achieving and overcoming all potential obstacle to the self.

The common denominator throughout is – subjectivity.

Every phase of our lives, every day, every minute, we are seeking to reduce, and by default, eliminate, subjectivity in one form or another.

Thus our end game, your’s, mine, and everyone who has ever lived, is the annihilation of subjectivity.





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