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  1. Enjoyed your book as it is my type of entertainment. Purpose of humanity or self? Biologically we are prone to feelings. Objectively we seek knowledge. Each is a separate individual with their own perception of good as it is not common among all humanity. Perhaps the need to procreate drives the future to expand into the universe and learn more. If not humans will become extinct like most other biological life. Time, space, entropy, and unknowns created an unsymmetrical universe, why?


  2. Thanks very much for engaging with and responding to Uncommon Sense Lisa. From a postmodern philosophical perspective perhaps life as we experience it is ultimately nothing more than a comical farce devoid of intrinsic meaning or purpose. From within such a perspective perhaps all is reducible to mere entertainment in a existence devoid of intrinsic meaning or control.
    Wherever there is power and resistance in human affairs there is drama and long before the colosseum of Rome we have been obsessed with drama (from a third-person perspective) as “entertainment.”
    Uncommon Sense therefore certainly qualifies as a potential form of “entertainment” as it is all about power and resistance in human affairs.
    However from a first, or second-person perspective, such as any individual with vested interests, rights, or property at stake, Uncommon Sense is intended (no less than Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense” and arguably more so) as a critical discourse intended to stimulate substantive discourses relevant to contemporary and fundamental human exigencies.
    In the book I place the self (as a purposeful entity) within the larger context of humanity since I propose the “self” as a social construction and not possible without symbolic language. We all have common biological drives which originate within the pre-symbolic “Sexual Paradigm,” however the “good” we pursue within symbolic language (Political Paradigm) is a social construction and subjective in nature (just as the self). If you had been born in a different time or a foreign culture, your “self” (beliefs about what is good or bad) would be as different and your socially held beliefs.
    It is with little doubt that the biological drive to procreate still drives our evolution toward some ultimate goal or purpose. At some point in the future it only seems logical (given the current rate of technological expansion) that technology will render obsolete many of our original and antiquated biological functions such as procreation. The nature of technology is to reign-in and control the randomness of reality; to quantify, qualify, and control the nature of existence.
    Throughout human history (since the invention of symbolic communication) humans have sought to understand the mysteries of the Universe. For the vast majority of human history stories, narratives, and Gods, have filled the void (Supernatural Paradigm). We are now in the age of hyper-technological expansion. The Supernatural Paradigm will continue to fill the void for the apathetic masses and therefore inform the Political (Symbolic) Paradigm since knowledge (of technique) has not as yet revealed all of the the mysteries of the Universe.
    Ultimately symbolic language and the human psyche are more significant than the mysteries of the Universe since it is through language and the human mind that we are able to conceive of and contemplate such mysteries.
    At this meridian in time there are several compelling theories regarding an asymmetrical Universe e.g., Chaos Theory. At the very bottom of our search for control and meaning remains however, our ultimate human purpose. Which must necessarily be the continuous reduction of, and finally annihilation of, all subjectivity.


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