Depending upon what philosophy one subscribes to, animals which exist today do so because of evolutionary successes such as stealthiness, brute strength, and subterfuge.

Evolutionary adaptations which are beneficial to a species become a sort of gauntlet – if you will – to individuals within a species which must compete within the advantages of it’s particular species for resources and mating rights.

Many species have been domesticated by humans for the manifest benefit of human interests such that natural evolutionary advantages are no longer the manifest determinant in their evolutionary trajectories.

As animals are manipulated in their genes and environment, they become subservient and malleable to the will of their masters. After some time, animals which would have vehemently fled or resisted capture and or slaughter, instead bask in the subservience of mindless-blissful ignorance.

If we project this general model of domestication and it’s precepts into the distant future and apply them solely to the human animal. It seems quite possible that humans will one day likewise attempt to apply evolutionary advantages such as knowledge, wit, and subterfuge, over others in order to domicile them to the will of the dominant.

When this day arrives, the chattle property of the masters will be so utterly ignorant and apathetic towards perceiving, let alone resisting, their domination, that they will by default, labor to assure it’s permanence.

Seth-Peribsen 2690 BC?