What We’ve Become

Good Day Folks, given the context and drivel of late (in the wake of the U.S. election process), I submit to you that a single mosquito has more influence upon the common-sense thinker than the entire Lawful structure of the state.

Although I seriously doubt that anything can be “Proven” as absolute fact, I submit that the same scientific methodology upon which we require to drive to work, could be used to support my hypothesis.

Encouraging Visitors To Register To Vote

WordPress has added an option to create a banner at the bottom of one’s blog encouraging visitors to register to vote.

It seems curious to this writer why WordPress is concerned with encouraging visitors to register to vote. Is it merely that WordPress wishes visitors to register to vote (according to some altruistic motive), or is it assumed by WordPress that in registering, voters will subsequently participate in an actual voting process?

Assuming an altruistic motive… what is “voting” if not giving “voice” to a particular viewpoint? If adding the option encouraging visitors to give voice (regardless of viewpoint) is equivalent to encouraging freedom of speech and therefore WordPress is supporting and promoting freedom of speech, such a motive is indeed admirable and altruistic!

Thanks WordPress, for encouraging and supporting the idea of giving voice (free speech)!

I am now somewhat more courageous in giving voice (“voting”) according to principles of free speech, and encouraging visitors – not to register to vote.

However, I would encourage everyone to give voice! Not by registering (regis = king, terre = territory) under a de facto regime, but buy giving individual (lawful) voice from a autonomous individual perspective (de jure).

According to this Individual’s perspective, registering to “vote” within a de facto regime is equivalent to promoting and sustaining an unlawful existence and voluntary servitude.

Anyone desiring to live a Free and Lawful existence should suspend all registering behaviours (at least up until freedom of speech has been exercised to it’s uttermost) in the public until the implications of “registering” are more sufficiently (lawfully) understood.

Freedom of speech without freedom of mind is freedom of tyranny.


Reminder: do not regis-ter! But do give voice! since there would be no “registering,” “applying,” nor “voting,” (or any of the innumerable contracts we make) in the absence of (de jure) voice!

Now is the time for all good men and women…