Uncommon Sense: A Theory of Human Purpose


If you are human, have a pulse and are a user of symbols, you are inescapably motivated by “purpose.” Purpose implicates action, which implicates choice, which implicates discrimination, which implicates belief, which implicates cultural orientation, which implicates some modus of rational sense-making rooted in symbolic representation. My new book Uncommon Sense: A Theory of Human Purpose represents a critical examination of human action as a function of purpose and its implications through the lens of semiotics based in Standpoint Theory.

I began writing Uncommon Sense a Theory of Human Purpose shortly after completing a BA In Communication at a State University as an attempt to construct a “theory of everything” in relation to human purpose as a function of motive. If anything is significant (of consequence), then ultimate human motive (as the cause of all human action) must be the most significant locust of study.

My objective in the creation of the book and this blog is to share and acquire knowledge in pursuit of greater goodness.




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